Marvel Announces New Deadpool Creative Team

Marvel is rolling out a variety of new series announcements today, and one of the most promising [...]

Marvel is rolling out a variety of new series announcements today, and one of the most promising books in the lineup is a brand new Deadpool series. The character continues to be a fan favorite, and this time around he's packing quite the creative team, with writer Kelly Thompson (Captain Marvel, West Coast Avengers) and artist Chris Bachalo (Uncanny X-Men, Amazing Spider-Man) along for the ride in what promises to be a very entertaining and memorable adventure.

Marvel also gave fans a look at the cover to Deadpool #1 with the new team, which features the lovable merc with a mouth with a full crown and sitting on his mighty throne. The monster beneath him probably isn't a fan of carrying the throne mind you, and odds are Deadpool's reign as King of the Monsters will encounter some speedbumps along the way.

You can check out the brand new cover for the issue below.

(Photo: Marvel)

The premise of the series has Wade Wilson attempting to move the monsters to a new habitat, as they've recently set up shop in Staten Island. We're also not sure how Deadpool ends up charming enough people to let him be king, but knowing Deadpool, he probably isn't even a King and just bought the crown at a gas station. That's a very Wade Wilson move right there, right?

You can find the official description for the new series below.




Deadpool is the merc for money and his latest target is THE KING OF THE MONSTERS!

When the monsters set up their new kingdom on the magical land of Staten Island, Deadpool's mission is to return control back to the people! Will Deadpool use his smooth charisma or deft diplomacy? Or will Wade just skip right to regicide?"

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