'Deadpool' Christmas Movie Title Reportedly Revealed

Deadpool is returning to theaters this Christmas for the second time in 2018, but with a special twist this time. Unlike the first two movies, this iteration of Deadpool will be PG-13, allowing a much wider audience to see the character in action this holiday season.

What's unclear about this new release is exactly what the movie will be. The initial report from Deadline stated that this would simply be a PG-13 version of Deadpool 2. However, the official press release from Fox listed the film as Untitled Deadpool Movie. To add to the confusion, Ryan Reynolds posted a picture of Deadpool sitting by the bedside of Fred Savage, reading him a bedtime story, a la The Princess Bride. This has led to speculation that the movie will have new bumper scenes consisting of Deadpool re-telling a child-friendly version of his story to a not-so-young Savage.

If there are changes to the movie, it's entirely possible that it could be released under a new name in December, and BBC's Lizo Mzimba is reporting that he's exclusively learned of the film's updated title.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Mzimba noted that the coming release of Deadpool would be called The Deadpool Before Christmas, an obvious nod to the cult-favorite movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. (It's also not crazy to think that Deadpool himself would be a massive fan of the Tim Burton classic.)

"A tiny exclusive," Mzimba wrote in the tweet, "Have heard the planned title for the Christmas Deadpool movie is The Deadpool Before Christmas."

Assuming that the re-release is just a PG-13 edit of Deadpool 2, even with the potential added scenes featuring Fred Savage, it's likely that the completely original title might confuse audience members. It sounds as though they're seeing a brand new Deadpool story set around the holidays, so Fox will need to do be clear in the marketing of the film that it's not completely new.

Then again, maybe that's the whole point, in which case, that advertising department is crushing it.


What do you think about the upcoming Deadpool Christmas movie? Could it be something completely original? Let us know in the comments!

Deadpool is returning to theaters on December 21st.