Fox Releasing PG-13 Version of 'Deadpool 2' in Theaters

Deadpool is playing the role of Santa Claus this Christmas, bringing joy and gifts to kids in theaters around the country. While Deadpool may not actually be for kids, Ryan Reynolds & company are fixing that this holiday season, as a PG-13 version of the movie is hitting theaters for a special engagement.

According to Deadline, Deadpool 2 will be re-released into theaters on December 21 for a limited time, and this version will be much less violent, with far fewer expletives.

A few minutes before the announcement was made on Friday, Reynolds took to Twitter to tease the re-release.

As you can see in the photo he shared, the tease was all about a kid-friendly, Christmas-themed Deadpool, and he even received a little help from his good pal Fred Savage.

In the official press release from Fox, it wasn't announced that the version of Deadpool hitting theaters would be the same as the original movie. In fact, it is listed there as Untitled Deadpool Movie. That leads to a lot of speculation about what the movie will actually be, but Reynolds' picture may tell the story.

The scene Deadpool is recreating with Savage is a nearly-perfect copy of his scenes in Princess Bride, that were filmed when Savage was just a kid. In it, his grandfather is telling him the story of the main characters, essentially narrating the entire movie. It seems like that is what Deadpool is doing here.

If this photo is any indication, Deadpool will be telling his story to a "young child" via a hand drawn picture book, and making it more appropriate than the original version. This allows him to exist in a PG-13 world and still be the same old Deadpool.


You know what else is PG-13? The entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Huh. What a coincidence..

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