Details On Ang Lee's Hulk Sequel That Never Happened

During a recent speech at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, writer, producer and film executive James Schamus talked a bit about his involvement with the poor-received Hulk, Ang Lee's style-over-substance shot at the Green Goliath.

Even before Lee was moved off the film and it got only a kinda-sorta sequel (at the time, it seemed as though The Incredible Hulk assumed the events of Hulk had happened, even though it featured a different director, a different lead actor and a reimagined Hulk), Schamus -- who co-wrote the first film -- had already abandoned its sequel.

"I started on Hulk 2, and then quickly decided before anybody made the phone call that I'd make the phone call and say, 'You know what, I'm actually working on a little something something and I've got to think about studying for my Bar Mitzvah so we'll move on,'" Schamus said, as quoted by Film Divider. "And so that was fine, but I had a really cool idea and it was on like a Native American reservation and it was all about radioactivity and it was really political and like, that would have been awesome."

Like Godzilla, the radiation element of The Hulk's story has frequently made the property a forum for creators to go a bit political; even without Schamus's influence, producer Gale Anne Hurd helped insert an environmental aspect into the movie's production process and marketed it as "green." (Get it?)

Rumors persist of another Incredible Hulk film, but at this stage it would presumably take only The Incredible Hulk as canon, leaving Hulk (which wasn't a Marvel Studios/Mavel Cinematic Universe movie) in the dust altogether -- meaning that Schamus's abortive sequel is all the continuation that plot thread will get, for better or worse.