What Does Disney and Fox Deal Mean for Stan Lee Personally?

The Disney 21st Century Fox merger may mean big things for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, specifically the inclusion of the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool, but the landmark acquisition could have significant impact for legendary Marvel creator Stan Lee, too.

On Thursday, Disney's acquisition of 21st Century Fox was made official, exciting fans who have long-waited to see some of their favorite comic book characters brought back home. Lee was among them, expressing his excitement as well as he declared the acquisition "a truly great piece of news!" However, it's not just characters -- some of which he helped create -- that will be impacted. Stan Lee's own movie will also feel the effects of the Disney/Fox deal.

Last year, Twentieth Century Fox acquired the rights to tell the story of Stan Lee's life. At the time, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Fox was planning to turn Lee into the hero of an action-adventure movie set in the 1970s and produced by Marty Bowe and Wyk Godfrey, the team behind Twilight, The Maze Runner and the Power Rangers reboot. While there hasn't been a lot of news on the project since then, back in September, Stan Lee revealed during a panel at Wizard World Nashville that Leonardo DiCaprio was not only one of the comic book legend's biggest fans, but that the Oscar-winner wanted to play Lee in a movie. Lee told fans that he and DiCaprio had even discussed the project.

"Doing a movie of my life, with him playing me, and I said, 'I'm not sure you're good-looking enough," Lee said. "We'll test you, see how you look, see how it comes out, don't get too excited, we'll let you know."

Now that Disney has acquired 21st Century Fox, that project is now in the hands of Disney and Marvel, meaning the film very well could get the Marvel Studios touch no matter who gets cast as Lee. It could also mean some change in the film, potentially shifting it from a 1970s action adventure to a more traditional biopic that could even have ties to the Marvel Cinematic Universe by exploring Lee's notorious cameos in the MCU films, though it would be unlikely that the film itself would be part of the MCU.


And with Disney now having Marvel characters under one roof, the rights to his life story now being part of Disney feels fitting, especially considering how enthusiastic Lee has been about the deal. Lee told Newsarama earlier this week that he couldn't wait to see what wonders would unfold now that everything was back together.

"A truly great piece of news!" Lee said. "Now characters such as the X-Men and the Fantastic Four can come home to the place where they belong. It's vitally important to have the Marvel characters under one roof. And now, as great as they were before, I can't wait to see the wonders that will unfold."