21st Century Fox Stock Price Rises After Disney Deal Reports

Fox Disney Deal X-Men Marvel Cinematic Universe

As we get closer and closer to a possible acquisition deal between Disney and 21st Century Fox, the latter's stock price has seen a nice bump, as investors gain confidence from the prospect of the deal going through.

Variety reports that shares of 21st Century Fox rose "moderately" in early trading today, after CNBC reported that the sale could be priced at around $60 billion, with Disney scoooping up Fox's entertainment assets like 21st Century Fox movie and TV entities and the FX Network.

As we've broken down, the Fox / Disney deal is attractive to superhero movie fans, as it will give Marvel Studios access to the X-men and Fantastic Four franchises, thereby completing the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe character roster, which was split up and sold ot various movie studios back in he 90s. Disney has been rumored to be collecting back all of Marvel's wayward properties, which led to the deal with Sony and the release of the highly successful Spider-Man: Homecoming under the MCU banner. Disney would also gain access to all the original Star Wars movie material, including the beloved original theatrical cuts, before George Lucas' digital edits.

At this point, it seems like just a matter of time before the deal is closed, and we start getting into realistic talks of what this deal means for the Avengers and X-Men film and TV brands. We'll keep you updated.