Doctor Strange 2 Ending Explained

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is out in theaters now and that ending is going to have people wondering what's next for the hero. *Spoilers ahead for the latest MCU release!* As covered in the trailers, Benedict Cumberbatch's sorcerer is trying to protect America Chavez from some magical threats. However, very early in the movie it becomes clear that beloved Avenger Wanda Maximoff is the one sending these creatures after the young girl. Wanda's trying to get her kids Billy and Tommy back after losing them at the end of WandaVision. She's willing to sacrifice Chavez's life to achieve her goals. At the end it looks like she might pull it off.

One of the key features of Multiverse of Madness is Wanda's relationship to the Darkhold. A malevolent book of spells that has been influencing the Scarlet Witch. She loses it but regains the evil magic inside of a temple at the top of Wundagore Mountain. The evil demon Cython prophesied that she would come to rule over Earth. With a special altar, Wanda is poised to take America's multiverse-traveling powers and rule over all realities. However, Doctor Strange steps in to stop her. He decides to take control of one of his alternate selves and pilot the body in a battle with her. 

Understandably, this goes badly for him as he's piloting the Zombie version of America's old Doctor Strange. However, he does provide the spark for America to finally control her powers and show Wanda what she's become. In another reality, Wanda fights one of her variants. The battle unfolds in front of Billy and Tommy and they're horrified by the MCU Wanda and what she's become. Shaken by the revelation, she decides to delete the Darkhold from every timeline and destroy the evil temple that houses its power on Wundagore Mountain.  

Doctor Strange has a price to pay next time we see him. He's been compromised by the dark magic and will have to work to not let it overtake him. A new ally joins the fight in the post-credits scene and recruits the sorcerer to fight a dimensional incursion (read: death of a universe) in The Dark Dimension. There has been some discussion about what the realm that… Charlize Theron as Clea opens up in the post-credit scene. But, it is definitely The Dark Dimension.

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