Scott Derrickson Recalls Meeting Paul McCartney While Working on Doctor Strange

Scott Derrickson, director of Doctor Strange, participated in a Twitter trend this week where users of the social media platform revealed some of their most bizarre interactions with celebrities. There were a variety of responses, many of which were very funny. Derrickson, though, recalled bumping into a member of The Beatles while working on his Marvel film a few years ago. As it turns out, the interaction between him and McCartney was more legendary than he could have ever imagined, as he calls the memory of it "surreal" and equates it to a feeling of dreaming!

"In 2016, while recording the score for Doctor Strange at London's Abbey Road Studios, room 1 (where the Beatles recorded their records), Paul McCartney walked in and declared, 'You're in my studio!'" Derrickson recalled on Twitter. "It was so surreal, for a good ten seconds I literally thought I was dreaming."

Check out Derrickson's tweet recalling the moment below.

Derrickson has been participating in a few Twitter trends, lately. Earlier in April, Derrickson played host to a Quarantine Watch Party of Doctor Strange with, interacting with fans and sharing other fun secrets from the films 2016 production.

However, Derrickson is not the only one to have shared an interesting run-in with Paul McCartney. Fox Chicago's entertainment correspondent Jake Hamilton who regularly attends film junkets around the world was in Los Angeles for an event where he quite literally ran into McCartney. Imagine trying to play it cool and keep your breathe will hitting some cardio exercises beside McCartney?


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