Donald Glover Deletes All 'Deadpool'-Related Tweets

Marvel fans were shocked to discover earlier this week that a planned Deadpool animated series that was being developed for FX by Donald Glover had been canceled, with many rumors surfacing about the possible reason for the abandonment of the project. Glover himself took to social media to share a series of tweets featuring the pages from his script, yet, as of this writing, he has deleted all Deadpool-related tweets from his page.

The only tweet that remains is a link to the performer's PHAROS project, which features a number of live performances in one immersive experience, which will be taking place in New Zealand.

Glover has had a complicated relationship with social media, regularly deactivating/reactivating his account and modifying his username. Leaving up only one tweet isn't entirely strange for Glover, though we can't help but wonder if he deleted his Deadpool tweets on his own volition or if the fan interest around his script has caused the project to get back on the market.

The series of tweets kicked off with Glover posting, "For the record: I wasn't too busy to work on Deadpool," followed by page after page of screenshots of his script.

The storyline was supposedly the season finale, which featured Deadpool in Africa trying to help save the last male white rhino. As one would imagine of any of Deadpool's adventures, he ends up insulting and mocking each and every one of his cohorts on the mission. In classic Deadpool fashion, the story even got self-referential, with the character having a conversation with the rhino wondering why the show was canceled after only one season.

Sadly, that's one prophecy that doesn't appear to be coming true, as even one season looks unlikely.

According to Stephen Glover, Donald's brother and writing partner, one episode that incorporated Taylor Swift was the "last straw" for their ambitious series.

Fans of both Deadpool and Glover shouldn't worry, as there's much more from both on the horizon. Deadpool 2 starring Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin will hit theaters on May 18th and, given the way the first film dominated pop culture, the sequel is sure to be another massive success.

Glover, on the other hand, is currently starring in his award-winning TV series Atlanta on FX and can be seen as Lando Calrissian in Solo: A Star Wars Story, landing in theaters on May 25th.

Do you think deleting the tweets means hope is still alive for Deadpool? Let us know in the comments below!


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