Marvel Makes Major Change to Drax the Destroyer

When an event as large as Infinity Wars is released, big changes to the comics mythos is bound to [...]

Drax the Destroyer fallen guardian
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When an event as large as Infinity Wars is released, big changes to the comics mythos is bound to happen. Out of any of characters, the Guardians of the Galaxy's Drax the Destroyer arguably received the biggest change.

Even though the Guardians have temporarily disbanded, it doesn't seem as if Drax will be a member should they decided to band the group back together.

WARNING: Potential spoilers up ahead for Infinity Wars #6 and Infinity Wars: Fallen Guardian #1. If you have yet to read the latest two issues of the Infinity Wars event, proceed with caution.

In Infinity Wars #6, the heroes were able to get the Infinity Stones back from Loki. In fact, the God of Mischief ended up deciding to hand them back as he no longer saw a need in possessing them.

Still trapped in the Soul Stone, the heroes — led by Emma Frost and Adam Warlock — attempted to create a portal in order to return home. Unfortunately, Warlock mentioned that somebody would need to stay behind to keep the portal open for the others. Both Drax, and his human form Arthur Douglas, stayed back in the Soul Stone to ensure the Cosmic Avengers could escape back to Earth-616 and return to a normal life.

Here's where it gets tricky — and pretty heartbreaking. Warlock had created another pocket dimension inside the Soul Stone for those people who were "mashed up" as a result of Gamora's former world-folding.

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Suffice, to say, Douglas was able to live on with his wife and daughter in this new Warp World as Drax the Destroyer was presumably sucked into the black hole created by Devondra's death and the destruction of the main universe within the Soul Stone.

While Infinity Wars #6 left Drax's fate pretty ambiguous, Infinity Wars: Fallen Guardian #1 confirmed that "the Destroyer" part of Drax was destroyed in the destruction of Soul World. As Star-Lord, Adam Warlock, and friends sit around a campfire, we find out that only Arthur Douglas survived the event.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Infinity Wars #6 and Infinity Wars: Fallen Guardian #1 are now available at your local comic shop. The event wraps up next month with Infinity Wars: Infinity from Gerry Duggan and artist Mark Bagley.

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