Dwayne Johnson & Kevin Feige Have Tossed Around MCU Ideas

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Feige have discussed some MCU ideas according to Fast Saga producer Hiram Garcia. Marvel fans are no doubt intrigued by the idea of The Rock suiting up in the franchise. However, despite a couple of conversations, there's nothing concrete planned. Collider spoke to the producer and it became clear that Johnson's number one priority right now is Black Adam over at DC. Now, that doesn't mean that you couldn't see The Most Electrifying Man in Entertainment share the screen with Spider-Man and Captain Marvel at some point. But, don't go thinking that it's coming up immediately. Things change quickly in the entertainment business. But, both sides would have to see something that would be a slam dunk opportunity.

"DJ and Kevin [Feige] have a great relationship and we've flirted around a few ideas before, but nothing serious. There's a mutual admiration for what we each have been doing and what Kevin has built over there is truly incredible," Garcia said. "Ultimately though for us, we've always been very committed to what we wanted to build with Black Adam. Black Adam was the character we wanted to bring to life and who we felt DJ was destined to play. Once we set our sites on this character over a decade ago it was hard to imagine DJ plaging anyone else."

In some previous silly comments, Avengers: Endgame director Anthony Russo said that the perfect person for The Rock to play was himself. Obviously, The Great One got a kick out of that and thanked the filmmakers for the compliment during a press conference for Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw.

"I think I would have to, that's the thing," Johnson began. "And I appreciate the Russo Brothers. I've known those guys for a long time and I appreciate the compliment and we would have to see. So, basically what they're saying is, is I don't need a cape," he laughed. "Basically what they said, I could be the leader of the Marvel universe. That's my interpretation."

You can catch The Rock in Jungle Cruise right now in theaters and on Disney+ Premier Access.


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