Entire 'Logan' Script Released Online

The entire script for James Mangold's Logan has now been released online by the director himself.

Mangold took to social media on Wednesday to share a link for fans or writers interested in reading the script behind the R-rated Wolverine movie. "The screenplay to LOGAN," Mangold wrote in the tweet. The link has since become the landing page for an error, however.

Check out the tweet below.

Since the link in Mangold's tweet seems to have gone bad, the Logan script has been made available at another destination. To read the entire 126 page script, click here!

"We move over the back bench, past empty bottles, fast food wrappers as A SLEEPING MAN'S FACE ratchets into frame. He opens his red eyes," the first page of the script reads, introducing Hugh Jackman's older hero. "The man is LOGAN aka The Wolverine or more accurately, Drunk Wolverine. He blinks, dazed, feeling the car lurching upward. Older than we've seen him, he clutches a Tequila bottle."


For writers looking to gain some knowledge, skill, or style, the script for Logan is a great place to start. The 20th Century Fox film which is Jackman's last outing as X-Men's Wolverine character was adored by critics and fans alike. Recently, the film earned a nomination at the Critics Choice Awards.

Logan is now available on blu-ray and DigitalHD.