Here's Why You Won't See The Avengers In Eternals

The Eternals are very aware of the Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In fact, they have developed fairly thorough opinions of Earth's Mightiest Heroes in their time on the planet, watching them battle villains like Thanos. While the upcoming Marvel film willl explain why the newly introduced heroes like Ajak, Ikaris, Thena, Sersi, Kingo, Sprite, Makkari, and others did not use their abilities to intervene with the Endgame feud or others, don't expect to see any Avengers heroes showing up in the already-packed ensemble. During a visit to the set of Eternals in January of 2020, heard producer Nate Moore cast doubt on any other known heroes showing up.

When asked if the alien villains known as Deviants would warrant the attention of Avengers heroes, Not necessarily, and I think in the same way that there were drones over London and people didn't show up," Moore said. "There were dark elves in Thor 2 and Tony wasn't there. Again, the hope is, because I think it, personally, I think it might be crippling if we felt like every time something was visible, you were like, 'Well, Panther's coming, right? Because he's been watching too.' It almost has to just feel like it's a pocket story or else you starts to go, 'Yeah, where is Doctor Strange? If Doctor Strange is here, well doesn't that mean that Spider-Man should swing by?' You know what I mean? I think being too connected almost would be more of a danger than saying, 'Okay, let's just tell the story.'"

Moore cited more examples of major showdowns in the Marvel Cinematic Universe where the Avengers didn't assemble to save the day. "Look, if the world were ending, I suppose," the producer admitted. "In Iron Man 3, where they kidnapped the president, and Captain America wasn't like, 'Hey, let me get in there.' You know what I mean? And I think audiences are game to just enjoy the movie for what it is and hopefully the movie's so enjoyable, you're not asking those questions."

Still, the Eternals may one day collide with Earth's Mightiest Heroes as the cast revealed some of their characters' thoughts of them. Ajak actress Selma Hayek, for example, is fond of the group. "She's really impressed with them," Hayek said." She really is impressed with them. That's a lot of respect, and actually can't believe they pulled it off."

Meanwhile, Sprite actress Lia McHugh was a bit more revealing in her take on why the Eternals were not involved in Endgame's major blowout. Be warned, some may consider McHugh's following comment on the relationship between the Eternals and the Avengers to be a spoiler: "They were told to not be a part of the whole war and all that stuff that was with the Avengers. The Eternals were told to basically sit it out."

Still, we all know Marvel Studios loves keeping their secrets. The first two Guardians of the Galaxy movies didn't rush to have a new group of characters crossover with any of the main Avengers heroes but you never know what surprises might await when Eternals arrives. After all, were you expecting Wong and Abomination to have substantial roles in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings before they showed up in a trailer?

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