Netflix's Extraction Has More Marvel Stars Than You Think

Netflix's Extraction catches the eye of Marvel fans when they see Chris Hemsworth on the screen. The name and face are synonymous with Thor. Then, the trailer flashes the fact Extraction is produced by The Russo Brothers, the same duo who directed Hemsworth in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. However, there is more Marvel to Extraction than meets the naked eye but if viewers take a close look at some of the stunt work, it might be familiar. Sam Hargrave, who has worked on each of the Russo Brothers' Marvel Studios titles, make his feature film directorial debut with Extraction.

"Sam started as a stunt choreographer and the double for Chris Evans on [Captain America:] The Winter Soldier," Joe Russo, co-head of AGBO Films told "Then, we promoted him to stunt coordinator on Civil War and then for Infinity War and Endgame, he was second unit director for us. So he worked his way up the ranks."

Having given Hargrave the opportunity to direct a feature which the Russo Brothers wrote first as a graphic novel before adapting it to a screenplay, it should come as no surprise that Joe Russo has nothing but praise for his filmmaking skill set. "He's incredibly talented, very bright, understands storytelling, understands character," Russo said. "Those are primary for him before a stunts in action, but he's also a virtuoso action director. So, we've been working on extraction for a few years, Anthony and I. We knew that it was going to take somebody who had all three of those traits that could tell a great story, understood character progression and, could put great action down on film and Sam has all that in spades."

(Photo: Netflix)

In fact, Hargrave puts together a magnificent oner (a term used by filmmakers to describe a sequence where it looks like the camera never cuts). It's an impressive feat in any sort of extended single-shot scenario but more so when it calls for car chases and hand-to-hand fight beats. About half way through the film, Hemsworth's Tyler Rake is put through the ringer and a lot of what viewers will see is actually the actor. "This was the perfect match," Joe Russo explained. "[Hargrave] and Hemsworth love each other and get along very well. He trained Hemsworth very hard for this movie. Everything you see in the film is Hemsworth, and that's just our philosophy in Sam's philosophy is that, the actor has to do the work. It keeps the illusion up in a more significant way than if you're cutting away to stunt doubles."

Not enough Marvel family in there for you yet? Let's toss in the fact that Sarah Finn, the casting director behind just about every Marvel Studios title, handpicked the cast for Extraction. Plus, Black Widow star David Harbour also has a role in this film. They're not in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel worked on Marvel titles which include X-Men: Days of Future Past and X2: X-Men United. The web of crew members between Extraction and Marvel films actually intertwines quite a bit.

Fans of the Russo Brothers and Marvel have plenty of reason to be excited, as their AGBO Films brand is looking to team up with more stars like Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans for titles going forward.

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Extraction is available on Netflix on April 24.