The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Producer Teases Return of Isaiah Bradley

Isaiah Bradley (Carl Lumbly) is likely returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe at one point or another. The character was first introduced in the second episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier as one of the earliest users of the Super Soldier Serum. As viewers of the Disney+ found out then, Bradley was used by the United States government during the Korean War before being taken into custody and used for experimentation by those he fought for.

The character serves as the lead character for the Truth: Red, White & Black mini-series, and according to Marvel Studios producer Nate Moore, there is "more to come" involving the character and the MCU.

"And really weigh on the things I think are subconscious in Sam's character, Isaiah gets to make them conscious, he gets to bring them out," Moore said on a recent episode of Vanity Fair's Still Watching podcast. "And I think that's such an important character, and more to come, but I think that's why the Isaiah Bradley inclusion was so great. And again all credit goes to Malcolm for really advocating for that."

In the same podcast appearance, Moore mentioned Bradley's inclusion was at the behest of series showrunner Malcolm Spellman, who felt the comics storyline could tie in closely with Sam Wilson's (Anthony Mackie) storyline involving Captain America's iconic shield.

"I read Truth: Red, White, and Black a long time ago," Moore added. "I didn't think the comic was great, but I thought the idea was great. And I think Malcolm was very smart in figuring out how to anchor that story into the overall fabric of the show."

So far, Lumbly has only shown up as Bradley in one scene of the show, and there are just two episodes left in its run. The character's grandson, Eli Bradley, was also spotted in that same scene and is expected by most to eventually join Marvel's live-action version of the Young Avengers.

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