The Falcon & The Winter Soldier: Baron Zemo Takes Center Stage in Explosive Fan Poster

At long last, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier will feature the return of Daniel Brühl's Baron [...]

At long last, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier will feature the return of Daniel Brühl's Baron Helmut Zemo, complete in his comic-accurate purple mask. While we're all still pretty short on an official teaser posters of sorts, especially when considering Marvel Studios' theatrical releases, some fans have put their talents to use coming up with teasers of their own. One recent incredible piece of art comes from the living masterclass @n.o.v.a.official on Instagram. If you think back earlier this week, the same artist released an epic Sinister Six piece and now, fans have been treated to a teaser of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier featuring Baron Zemo front and center.

Both Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) and Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) take backstage in the piece, which shows Zemo looming large in front of fire and chaos. Overall, it's a simplistic take on a movie poster that gets the point across and almost has vintage vibes to it. See it for yourself below!

Exact plot points have been kept under wraps — as you might expect from Marvel Studios — but we know the series will largely follow Wilson/The Falcon as he tries coming to terms with the legacy involved in donning Captain America's iconic shield.

"You know what, to be honest, it's very emotional," Mackie previously told Deadline. "I've been in the business for 20 years and I've been fortunate to do some amazing stuff and work with amazing people. For me, to be a Black man in 2019 and be given the helm of Captain America with the history of Black men in this country is a monumental step, not only in entertainment, but also in my life. It's been extremely emotional. Look, my grandfather was a sharecropper, you know what I mean? There's a lot of history and pain and triumph and joy that comes along with me being Captain America."

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier debuts on Disney+ this August.

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