'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Star Rumored to Have Been Banned From Acting

X-Men: Days of Future Past star Fan Bingbing has reportedly been banned from acting for three [...]

X-Men: Days of Future Past star Fan Bingbing has reportedly been banned from acting for three years according to Hong Kong-based outlet Apple Daily. The report follows allegations of tax evasion against Bingbing, who is China's highest-paid actress. Representatives for Bingbing say the report is only a rumor.

The report has gained some traction among Bingbing's fan,s given her unusually low profile as of late, both in public and on social media. Bingbing has not been seen in public since July and hasn't updated her social media accounts in three weeks.

Allegations of tax evasion were levied against Bingbing after a Chinese television anchor published documents suggesting Bingbing had been paid via what is known as a "yin-yang contract," meaning she was given two separate contracts for the same job and only reported one of those contracts to tax authorities in China. Fan has denied the allegations, but the report seemingly prompted China into launching an investigation into these kinds of deals.

Bingbing's management firm, Fan's Workshop, declined to comment on the report that Bingbing has been banned from acting, according to Variety. CAA, the firm that represents Bingbing outside of China, stated that the report was "all rumors."

Another report suggests that Bingbing has had her name removed from publicity for the upcoming Chinese war movie Unbreakable Spirit, which stars Hollywood actors Bruce Willis and Adrien Brody. The film was set for release later this month but seems to have been pushed back until October.

The report isn't clear as to whether the rumored ban will prevent Bingbing from acting in international films or only in China, an important distinction since Bingbing has already been cast in Jessica Chastain's 355, a female-driven action movie. The Chinese distribution rights sold for a tidy sum of $20 million and Bingbing's potential exclusion from the film could have an effect on the movie's returns in the market.

Bingbing has already completed filming on Sean McNamara's fantasy film The King's Daughter.

China has banned actors and directors before, often the result of material deemed unsuitable by Chinese censors. Sometimes it is also part of the punishment for a criminal conviction. The Chinese government typically does not publicly acknowledge bannings unless the issue is brought to court.

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