Fan Creates Awesome LEGO Marvel Civil War Video

If you want to see one amazing piece of stop-motion animation, then you’ve got to check out this fan-made LEGO Civil War video. The brickfilm was recently posted to Youtube and pokes enough jokes into Captain America: Civil War that it’d even make Bucky Barnes crack a smile.

Created by Keshen8, the video parodies what the climatic fight between Captain America and Iron Man would have looked like if a lot more LEGO bricks and sass had been involved. The clip starts off with Captain America sitting down with Iron Man for a meeting as the latter introduces the First Avenger to the Superhero Registration Act.

Ever the optimist, Iron Man sells the new legislative act with all the enthusiasm a used-car salesman could hope for. He shows a photo of Black Widow and Spiderman smiling as they promote the bill. However, Captain America quickly notices Natasha is only doing so under duress, leading him to believe that the whole ordeal of his ‘Captain American Civil Rights.”

Obviously, this doesn’t sit well with the hero as he confronts Iron Man about his poor selling points. And, when the hi-tech billionaire tries to calm down Captain America with a picture of Red Skull himself, the patriotic Avenger challenges Tony to a duel.

The hilarious video is well-timed and includes some seriously impressive animation work. The scenes run together fluidly which is an impressive feat considering the clip’s use of fight sequences.

Fans, however, are falling for the video’s use of quips and witty jokes. For instance, when Captain America calls his friend Bucky Barnes for back-up, viewers come to find that the Winter Soldier had been at a drive-thru when the plea came in. And, what’s more, they soon discover Bucky drives what could be the world’s slowest car.

When the video ends, viewers are left to find Iron Man beaten on the cold hard ground while Captain America towers over him. Defeated, Iron Man tells the two they don’t have to sign the registration and won’t be fined for their resistance - but Captain America no longer cares about that.


Instead, he’s out to protect his time-honored civil liberties. As such, it’s no surprise to see Captain America K.O. his former teammate while whispering “America” in a gritty yet longing fashion.

[H/T] Youtube