Fans Begin Petition to Save Agent Carter

(Photo: ABC)

ABC may have canceled Agent Carter, but its fans are hoping it can find a second life on Netflix. A Spanish fan has started a petition asking Netflix to resurrect the now canceled Marvel show for a third season. "Agent Carter was a show who united a lot of people, just for Peggy," the petition reads. "Her fandom is really united, we all love Peggy. Her series has been canceled, but we can bring her to NETFLIX!"

While Agent Carter received critical acclaim over its two seasons, it struggled in the ratings and was cancelled last week. Netflix is seen as a natural new home for Agent Carter, as the streaming service is host to six different Marvel TV series. Complicating matters is that Agent Carter star Hayley Atwell has already moved on to a new ABC series Conviction, although Atwell promised to make both shows work if Agent Carter were to be renewed.


The petition is hoping for 25,000 signatures and, at the time of this article, has nearly reached its goal with nearly 22,000. Of course, this isn't the first time fans have hoped Netflix would save a superhero show. In 2014, fans petitioned the service to greenlight new episodes of the DC cartoon Young Justice. While Young Justice producers teased Netflix was interested, the streaming service has yet to make any announcement about that other TV series.