Fantastic Four's Toby Kebbell Excited for Marvel's Fresh MCU Version

Half of a decade ago, Toby Kebbell and an opportunity to bring Doctor Doom to life in a Fantastic [...]

Half of a decade ago, Toby Kebbell and an opportunity to bring Doctor Doom to life in a Fantastic Four movie. The movie did not play out the way just about anybody involved had imagined. While it seems there is a cut of this movie hidden somewhere in the world which will likely never see the light of day, the version which was released was ruthlessly panned by critics and fans. This was of no fault of the cast who had no choice but to make the most of the hands they were dealt which is exactly what they did. Despite a tremendous love for the character he played in Josh Trank's movie under the Fox studio regime, Kebbell does not have interest in giving the Latverian villain another go as Marvel Studios gears up to reboot the franchise.

"I think our Fantastic Four was not good enough and I'm glad Marvel has got a hold of it and they're going to do something fantastic with it, no doubt," Kebbell told as seen in the video above. "I think it's better to do things fresh. I think it's always better to do a fresh batch because there's so many talented actors out there who will lend to it. A lot of it is luck and timing. I did it when I thought it was good, I did what I thought was good about it, and I tried to come up with an accent from a place that doesn't exist."

It is very clear that Kebbell wanted this movie to succeed, though. Obviously, any actor will want their project to be well-received but, in this case, Kebbell shows a deep appreciation for the iconic Marvel Comics villain as he inevitably gets ready to watch someone else take on the role. The actor is quick to rattle off a few items from Doom's impressive Marvel Comics resumé.

"Doom is still one of my favorite characters. Not the version I played but the one I read in comic books as a kid, stolen comics from my brothers," Kebbell says. "Doom kills Thor. Doom's fantastic. He wrestles panthers. He got sent back in time to before the dinosaurs and waited 65 millions years and came back and surprised them. He's a lunatic! I have a lot of love for that character. I think the fans deserve a better version so I'm glad they'll get it."

As the story goes, the Fantastic Four will be rebooted by Marvel Studios with Jon Watts directing. Since his days of Fantastic Four, Kebbell says he has not had any talks about playing a role in any other Marvel or DC Comics movies. For now, he is focused on the release of the upcoming second season of Servant, his hit apple TV+ series lead by the mind of M. night Shyamalan.