Fantastic Four MCU Reboot Reportedly Planned for 2022

Marvel Studios just got a hold of a lot of new toys after the Walt Disney Company's acquisition of 20th Century Fox was finalized, and it seems like the wheels are in motion now for one of the biggest comic franchises to finally jump to the big screen. According to a new report, fans will only have to wait for three years before they get the chance to see the Fantastic Four in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The new rumor comes courtesy of the GWW, which states that Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige are planning to put the first family back on the big screen in 2022. This would be the latest reboot of the Fantastic Four after Roger Corman's failed attempt, the two movies from Tim Story, and the beleaguered version directed by Josh Trank.

While the Fantastic Four are one of the pillars of Marvel Comics, their success has yet to transfer beyond the publishing division partly due to the film rights held by 20th Century Fox. But with the popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the new acquisition by Disney, it's safe to say that producer Kevin Feige is eager to introduce the Invisible Woman, Mister Fantastic, the Thing, and the Human Torch to a wider audience.

The report from the GWW mentions that Ant-Man and the Wasp director Peyton Reed is pitching his own concept for the characters, which we've known for a while now because Reed has never been shy about his love for the characters.

Nothing about this news is surprising, but the three-year timeline is the only major revelation in this new development. It's basically a shot in the dark, all things considered.

Reed addressed his version of the Fantastic Four movie during a Q&A event for Ant-Man and the Wasp conducted by Collider.

"I developed it for about a year and we went through some different permutations and some different writers, but yes, one of the big ideas was a set-in-the-'60s thing that at the time was structurally gonna be basically like [The Beatles' 1964 comedy-musical] A Hard Day's Night, where we were not going to even deal with the origin story," Reed said.


"It was just going to be like you're in Downtown Manhattan and they're there. It was a pretty exciting idea. At the time — again this was 2002 or '03 — early on, way pre-MCU, I felt like Fox was not gonna make it."

We'll see if Marvel reveals its plans for the Fantastic Four later this summer at San Diego Comic-Con.