Funko's L.A. Comic Con 2019 Pop Figure Exclusives Are Available Now


L.A. Comic Con 2019 took place over the weekend, and Funko was there with a handful of shared exclusive Pop figures released in partnership with Hot Topic. Those Pop figures are now available to order online right here if you hurry.

The LACC 2019 collection includes Cosmic Ghost Rider with baby Thanos (go after that one first), Corrupted Venom from the cover of the first issue of Absolute Carnage (a glow in the dark version was also released as a booth exclusive - you can grab that version on eBay), and Harley Quinn as Robin. Odds are these figures won't last long, so grab them while you can. If they sell out, you can find them here on eBay.


On a related note, Hot Topic and Funko launched the Beetlejuice with Dante's Inferno Room Pop Town exclusive last week and the set sold like crazy. However, it was still possible to order one at the regular price of $32.90 right here at the time of writing. There's no telling how much longer they'll last, so grab one while you can. If they sell out, you'll be able to find them here on eBay.

If you're unfamiliar, Dante's Inferno Room was a strip club full of demonic women in Tim Burton's classic Beetlejuice film. Funko toned it down a bit by removing the "GIRLS" and "Live Nudes" signage, but this definitely isn't the kind of Pop we see from Funko on a daily basis.


Finally, Topic and Funko released their One-Punch Man Saitama at Martial Arts Tournament Pop figure exclusive alongside the Beetlejuce Pop Town, and it was also available to order right here at the time of writing. It features removable hair!


The inspiration for this figure comes from a storyline in Season 2 of One-Punch Man where Saitama entered a martial arts tournament dressed as Bang / Silver Fang's pupil Charanko - complete with a hilariously absurd wig.

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