Agents of SHIELD's Clark Gregg Safe After Evacuating From Getty Fire

Mandatory evacuations are underway in Southern California as a wildfire continues to spread. Variety reports that the fire is moving near the Getty Center art museum. The fire as affected more than 400 acres, with more than 3,300 homes evacuated. Agents of SHIELD star Clark Gregg’s home is one of them. Gregg tweeted out that he is “Safe in a hotel room with my family and dogs. Awakened and evacuated by the amazing alert system from #lafd #Grateful #GettyFire.” His former Agents of SHIELD co-star Gabriel Luna saw the tweet and responded. Luna tweeted, “Thankful you’re safe my friend. Saying prayers for everyone in the path of the fire. #GettyFire”

Some homes in the Brentwood area have burned down. Several thousand residents have lost power. People in the area are being asked to evacuate and to avoid Sunset Boulevard.

Other celebrity locals affected by the blaze include Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter and NBA star LeBron James. “Evacuated… Apparently, everything around me is burning the f–k down. Rough week,” Sutter wrote on Instagram of the growing fire.

“Man these LA [fires] aren’t no joke,” James tweeted. “Had to emergency evacuate my house and I’ve been driving around with my family trying to get rooms. No luck so far!” He followed up later saying that he’d found a place to stay.

The fire started around 1:30 a.m. local time in the Sepulveda Pass. Strong winds caused the fire to spread across the hillsides. Firefighters are attempting to contain the blaze. Strong winds throughout Monday and Tuesday in the Los Angeles area may make that difficult.

Gregg plays SHIELD agent Phil Coulson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After his death in Marvel’s The Avengers, Nick Fury resurrected Coulson. Coulson succeded Fury as director of SHIELD in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD on ABC. The show is heading into its seventh and final season, having wrapped production in July.


Coulson died again at the end of the show’s fifth season. Gregg played a new character, Sarge, throughout season six. In season seven, it appears he’ll be playing a Life Model Decoy of Coulson.

Season six closed out with the Agents of SHIELD team traveling backward through time. Gregg’s co-star Chloe Bennet promised the final season will please fans. "I can say we are back in time, so we have to get… the whole goal is to get back to where we were," Bennet explained. "So that means traveling through a bunch of different time periods and who knows who we see on the way back, if we even get back. It's actually one of the most… season 4 and season 7 are definitely my favorite seasons of SHIELD. For the long-term fans, it's a really big pay-up and it's really, really fun. When you've done six seasons and that many hours of TV, it's pretty hard on the writers to think what else do we do, and they killed it. Season seven is a really, really fun one."