Marvel Gives Johnny Blaze a Major Upgrade

Spoilers for Ghost Rider #6 up ahead! Ed Brisson inches towards the finale of his first Ghost Rider story arc and it's shaping up to be one of the biggest stories we've seen for the character yet. Spinning out of the pages of Doctor Strange: Damnation, Johnny Blaze has become the King of Hell. As one might expect, that's done some things to the character's ego, which has led to a power battle between he, Danny Ketch, and Lilith, the mother of all demons.

As such, Blaze has found himself hauling Mephisto to Hell and back, something that rubs the Sorcerer Supreme the wrong way. After all, Doctor Strange himself had imprisoned the character at the end of Damnation. So now, not only is Blaze in a perpetual battle with Ketch — who's now the Spirit of Corruption — and Lilith, he's also fighting Strange and Wong.

Coming up against Strange has definitely put Blaze of his elemental, something that's caused the character to undergo a massive new change. As he took on the title as King of Hell, the character's look had already altered slightly but now, Blaze has an all-new appearance — something makes him look no different than the demons he oversees within the Circles of Hell.

ghost rider new look
(Photo: Marvel / Juan Frigeri)

The arc was likely shaping up to power towards an epic conclusion in Ghost Rider #7, which was originally set to hit shelves April 8th. Now that new comics have been postponed for the time being, it's unclear when exactly the comic will be available. Regardless, you can see the solicitation — which features Aaron Kuder's return to the series after a brief hiatus — below.

Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch already went to war against each other as Spirits of Vengeance, but now that Danny is possessed by the Spirit of Corruption, the real fireworks are ready to begin!
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Ghost Rider #6 is now available at your local comic shop or digitally through the Marvel app or Comixology.

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