Gabriel Luna Teases Return for Ghost Rider TV Series

Marvel TV and Hulu shocked fans on Wednesday morning by announcing that a live-action Ghost Rider series was heading to the streaming service next year. It was confirmed in the announcement that the main character of the series would be the Robbie Reyes iteration of Ghost Rider, rather than Johnny Blaze. This was great news for fans of Marvel TV, as Gabriel Luna portrayed Robbie in multiple episodes of Agents of SHIELD. However, it wasn't revealed whether or not Luna would reprise the role for this Hulu series, or if it will be completely separate.

There's no official word as to whether Luna will return or not, but the actor seems to be teasing another ride with the character. On Tuesday night, roughly 12 hours before Hulu made the announcement about the series, Luna tweeted the message "Chains a' rattlin'."

This doesn't necessarily mean anything, but it seemed to tease that there was some sort of news about Ghost Rider on the way, and there certainly was. If this was all Luna said, it would be easy to write it off, but he continued.

After Hulu and Marvel announced the new series, Luna quoted the tweet from Marvel Entertainment and included fire and skull emojis, clearly teasing the Ghost Rider.

Yes, Luna could just be excited to see Robbie Reyes back in action once again. There's also a possibility that casting is moving on without him and he just doesn't know it yet. However, judging by the overwhelmingly positive response that his iteration of Ghost Rider received from fans, it would be surprising to see Marvel TV move on with a different actor in the role.

After all, the show could have been made about any one of the many other Ghost Riders in Marvel canon. But with Robbie Reyes at the center of the series, and Luna actively involved in tweeting about the character, it's easy to believe that he could be donning the leather jacket once again.

Are you excited for a live-action Ghost Rider series? Do you want to see Gabriel Luna take on the titular role? Let us know in the comments!



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