First Look At Adam Warlock's Return To Guardians Of The Galaxy Revealed

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 introduced moviegoers to Adam Warlock this year, but Marvel readers [...]

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 introduced moviegoers to Adam Warlock this year, but Marvel readers have known the hero for some time. The character has been absent for a little bit, but fans should start planning Adam's homecoming now. After all, Marvel just confirmed the hero will make his long-awaited return in Guardians of the Galaxy #150.

As you can see below, the cover art for the upcoming issue shows Adam returning in a burst of light. The character can be seen discharging an attack, and it is the Guardians of the Galaxy who will receive the blow. Not even Groot's little body was spared from the assault.

According to Marvel Comics, Adam's return will be a dicey one for all its heroes. You can check out the issue's description below:

adam warlock
(Photo: Marvel Comics )

"Adam Warlock is returning to the galaxy…but the mystery surrounding his return remains. Is he here for the Infinity Stones? Has he come to take them back for himself?"

With New York Comic Con on the horizon, fans should expect to learn more about Adam's return to the Marvel Universe soon. The event will host a panel about Marvel Legacy on Thursday, and Gerry Duggan is expected to drop new details about Adam's return then.

As for Guardians of the Galaxy #150, the release will be penned by Duggan. Its artwork will come courtesy of Aaron Kuder while Alex Ross does its cover.

Marvel Legacy has promised to bring back plenty of classic heroes, and Adam Warlock may not be the last one. The series has set up the Fantastic Four for a very long-awaited comeback, and ComicBook was told these heroes' return will take some time. Marvel's executive editor Tom Brevoort explained what it takes to resurrect some of its biggest players.

"It will not be all at once—each character is involved in a different situation, a different story," the editor said.

"So while we'll be seeing pretty much all of the classic heroes returning, they're not going to be doing so en masse. The Marvel Legacy one-shot gives some concrete suggestions as to who you might be seeing sooner rather than later, and I think that most of the main players ought to be back on the table and into the mix by next summer at the latest—and some of them will show up unexpectedly well before then!"

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