Guardians of the Galaxy: What's Happening to Gamora and Groot?

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Thanks to some big New York Comic Con announcements from Marvel, fans of cosmic tales now know Al Ewing and Juann Cabal will be taking over Guardians of the Galaxy come January. As a part of the announcement, the House of Ideas revealed the first cover for the new run, which prominently features Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon. It also manages to feature Moondragon, Noh-Varr (!), Nova (Richard Rider), and Phyla-Vell. Gamora and Groot, however, are noticeably absent from the cover, leading some to ask — what's happening to the duo?

Sure, we're probably pulling the cart before the horse here since the pair technically can still be in the title, but their exclusion certainly does raise some questions. As you've seen over the past year or so, Gamora hasn't been the best teammate. In fact, a mad Gamora ended up killing Star-Lord as he stood in the way between her and her father which has led to some tension — certainly enough to led to her departure from the team.

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Groot, on the other hand, has also been on a peculiar journey since the events of Gerry Duggan's Infinity Wars. It was there Marvel upset the status quo and made the biggest change to the character fans have ever seen — he went from saying "I am Groot," to having full-on conversational abilities with the rest of the characters in the Marvel universe. Surprisingly enough, Groot's always been a character rallying the team around, despite none of the members actually wanting to remain part of it.

Then — within the closing pages of Guardians of the Galaxy #9 — readers found out the Universal Church of Truth had started building an army of "champions," which was quickly revealed to be a reincarnated Drax the Destroyer. Yet another character mysteriously absent from the cover.

We could be trying to connect imaginary dots with this all and Gamora, Groot, and a reformed Drax appear alongside their regular teammates or, worst-case scenario, they leave the Guardians behind. The solicitation for January's new Guardians of the Galaxy run can be found below.

Written by AL EWING
Penciled by JUANN CABAL

Once, they were a team of misfits. Now they're a family, and they've earned their peace. But the universe is not a peaceful place -- and it's only getting worse. The Great Empires are in turmoil. The rule of law is dead. And amidst the chaos, the Gods of Olympus have returned -- harbingers of a new age of war, reborn to burn their mark on the stars themselves. Someone has to guard the galaxy - but who will accept the mission? And will they survive it? Al Ewing (IMMORTAL HULK) and Juann Cabal (FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN) bring you in on the ground floor of a whole Marvel Universe of action and suspense!


Guardians of the Galaxy #10 is due out October 16th.

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