Michael Rooker Wants Yondu Mary Poppins Sketch in 'Robot Chicken'

Few film moments have impacted the pop culture zeitgeist quite like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2's Mary Poppins reference. And the meme could be making its way onto Robot Chicken, if Michael Rooker has his way.

Rooker, who played blue-skinned Ravager Yondu in the Guardians franchise, was asked about the line during a press conference for the upcoming Robot Chicken Walking Dead special. While the show's ninth season is too far along to include a Yondu Mary Poppins sketch, Rooker and the Robot Chicken team did pitch what the scene would look like.

"The kids are really bad and I just want to give them a spoonful of sugar. This feels like a straightforward pitch. This new caretaker is going to set you right. The door opens and it's Yondu Poppins going, 'Hello, children.'"

The concept of Yondu Poppins has taken the nerd world by storm, with fans making plenty of mashups and action figures. Some have even campaigned for Rooker to appear in Disney's upcoming sequel, Mary Poppins Returns.

Given Robot Chicken's penchant for parodying pop culture, it certainly isn't out of the question that Yondu Poppins could make his way onto the show. But until that happens, Robot Chicken viewers can tune in for sketches involving Westworld, the recent Star Wars films, and even Funko Pops.


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