Here's What Hailee Steinfeld Could Look Like As Marvel's Kate Bishop

The story of Hawkeye is moving to the small screen in the very near future with Marvel Studios set to produce a TV series on the upcoming Disney+ streaming service. Jeremy Renner is going to reprise his role as Clint Barton, but this time he'll act as the mentor to a younger hero, rather than a team accessory. The series, like the comics, will see Clint pass the Hawkeye mantle to Kate Bishop, one of the more popular young characters in Marvel lore. Fans have been waiting to find out who would end up landing the coveted role of Bishop on the show and it finally looks as though Disney and Marvel have someone in mind. Hailee Steinfeld, star of Bumblebee and the Pitch Perfect films, has reportedly been offered the role.

This is certainly exciting news for fans. Not only is Steinfeld incredibly talented and already well-accomplished, but her star power means that Bishop will definitely show up in the MCU films after the conclusion of the series. In fact, some fans were so excited about the news that they started putting together some art pieces depicting Steinfeld in the role.

Digital artist Mizuri decided to see what the actress would look like if she donned the full Hawkeye suit, inspired by Bishop's look in the comics.

"Woo! According to sources online, it seems Marvel has their eyes on casting the beautiful and talented Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop for the upcoming Hawkeye series," Mizuri wrote in the post. "Really love the casting, and it'd be pretty cool to see her in another superhero role too! Hope you like this little edit I made, Enjoy!"

Mizuri wasn't the only one keen on the Steinfeld casting after the reports were released this week. Popular artist BossLogic also shared a piece featuring the actress as Kate Bishop, choosing to focus on the Hawkeye-themed background rather than the purple costume.

BossLogic tagged Steinfeld in the tweet, along with the caption, "I like this rumor."


Steinfeld hasn't yet been confirmed for the role, but with all of the Disney+ shows starting to move into various stages of production, we'll likely have an official answer from Marvel sooner rather than later.

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