Hawkeye Celebrates Latest Episode With Festive New Promo

Marvel Studios is doubling down on the Christmas spirit leading up to this week's new episode of Hawkeye. This Wednesday will see the release of the fourth episode of the series, following up the events of the exciting car chase last week. For a new Hawkeye promo, which debuted online Tuesday afternoon, Marvel is fully embracing the show's holiday setting.

The new promo, which you can check out below, doesn't show off any footage that we haven't seen before. It does lean into the holiday spirit, however, with Christmas music blaring in the background, a drive through a tree farm, and even a holiday greeting from Kate Bishop. Take a look!

Hawkeye is Marvel's first real foray into holiday fare (save for a couple of scenes in Iron Man 3), and the folks making the series have really embraced the season. Jeremy Renner, who stars as Clint Barton, has always been a big fan of Christmas.

"I'm a very Christmas person," Renner told the Associate Press. "Christmas is all about family and all about magic and all about sharing our time together. And a lot of our time this year will be spent watching this show, which is going to be new for me, as an actor, and then also be able to watch it with my family. I really can't wait. I personally, Jeremy, get very excited about what I'm going to take from this, because normally I don't. Normally I don't want to watch any of that stuff, but it's beautiful and I'm very excited about it."

The directors behind the series have also embraced Hawkeye's holly jolly soul, telling GamesRadar+ all about how Christmas became a focus of the show's design.

"It's genuinely not what you expect from Marvel [Studios]," said Bert, one half of the Bert and Bertie directing duo. "It's an absurd Christmas story. Just starting from that point, tonally, I was tickled. What does that mean? And it's throughout the whole series. It's not what you're expecting it to be."

"I'm a big fan of a Christmas movie. Injecting that was super fun," added director Rhys Thomas. "And that's amazing because you're stepping into this massive universe, where so much has been established and in different directions. But they are excited to find an identity for each of these series. They're always willing to tailor to this new character."

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