Hawkeye's Musical Post-Credits Scene Wasn't the Original Plan

Marvel's Hawkeye series wrapped up its first season in surprising fashion on Wednesday. Titles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have made a habit out of setting up future projects with stingers during or after the credits, but Hawkeye opted for a different route. The final scene of the entire season didn't include any big teases or reveals, instead focusing on the fan-favorite fictional Broadway production Rogers the Musical.

The musical about the Battle of New York was featured in the first episode of Hawkeye, and fans have been asking to see the entire "I Can Do This All Day" number since the show debuted. To close out Hawkeye's season, Marvel Studios gave fans a holiday treat, showing off the entire song and dance. According to director Rhys Thomas, however, that lively post-credits scene wasn't always the plan.

"I was not aware. It wasn't planned that that was going to be the way that the show was going to close," Thomas told Collider. "I was actually a little in the dark too. I was curious, like, 'Is this slot going to be reserved for teeing something else up?' In the tradition that Marvel's known for. I was waiting for what that was going to be. Yeah, they made the decision to put the musical at the end there, which honestly, I was slightly conflicted about because like a fan, I'm like, 'The people, they want to see something, they want to know what's coming next. Is this going to disappoint?' In all fairness again, to the team, it's like, no, no, no, it's Christmas, it's light. We've got so much blood in this episode, it's just fun. It's a fun release at the end, and it's a nice way to send people off. That's how that came about and in terms of what it was, that was part of... Obviously, when we shot it for Episode 1, we shot the entire thing, but obviously in Episode 1, the focus was Jeremy and less of the performance. It was [an] evolution of that."

All of the future teases for Hawkeye characters took place in the finale itself, and Marvel was clearly more content with ending the year on a fun note. The musical was lighthearted and hilarious, capturing the spirit of the holiday season.

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