Hot Toys' 'Avengers: Endgame' Hawkeye aka Ronin Figure Unveiled

Hot Toys - A4 - Hawkeye collectible figure (Deluxe)_PR8

Hot Toys has added the Clint Barton aka Hawkeye aka Ronin sixth-scale figure to their Avengers: Endgame lineup today following the release of Thanos and Iron Man (Mark LXXV armor) last month and the War Machine figure earlier today.

Indeed, Clint Barton is leaving the Hawkeye mantle behind to become Ronin in Avengers: Endgame. We've already had a good look at his new costume (they even made a hoodie based on it) but the new Hot Toys figure gives us our best look at Jeremy Renner wearing it (as well as his assortment of weapons). As always, the likeness is pretty spot on.

Hot Toys - A4 - Hawkeye collectible figure (Deluxe)_PR21

The Hot Toys MMS532 - Avengers: Endgame - 1/6th scale Hawkeye Collectible Figure will be available in both standard and deluxe versions at Sideshow Collectibles - most likely by the end of the day today, April 11th. The full list of features for the figure are available below, and the bits that are exclusive to the deluxe version are marked accordingly. Basically, the deluxe version is the only one that offers a full Ronin experience.

  • A newly developed head sculpt with authentic and detailed likeness of Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye from Avengers: Endgame
  • A newly developed masked head sculpt with authentic and detailed likeness of Ronin (Deluxe Version)
  • Movie-accurate facial features with detailed wrinkles and skin texture
  • Approximately 30 cm tall
  • Body with over 30 points of articulations
  • Six (6) pieces of interchangeable hands for Hawkeye including:
  • One (1) pair of fists
  • One (1) pair of open hands
  • One (1) right hand for holding bow
  • One (1) left hand for holding arrow
  • Six (6) pieces of black-colored interchangeable gloved hands for Ronin including (Deluxe Verison):
  • One (1) pair of fists (Deluxe Version)
  • One (1) pair of open hands (Deluxe Version)
  • One (1) pair of hands for holding dagger (Deluxe Version)
  • Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted


  • One (1) black colored interchangeable hooded vest with gold trims (Deluxe Version)
  • One (1) pair of black colored interchangeable arm guards with gold trims (Deluxe Version)
  • One (1) black colored vest
  • One (1) perfectly tailored black colored long sleeves top
  • One (1) pair of black colored pants with knee guards
  • One (1) pair of black colored boots
  • One (1) black colored utility belt on waist
  • One (1) cross-body shoulder belt
  • One (1) pair of arm guards


  • One (1) katana (Deluxe Version)
  • One (1) black colored bow
  • Ten (10) individual arrows and twelve (12) interchangeable arrowheads of different styles
  • One (1) dagger
  • Two (2) shurikens in opened mode
  • Two (2) shurikens in closed mode


  • One (1) katana sheath (attachable to cross-body belt) (Deluxe Version)
  • One (1) arrow quiver (attachable to cross-body belt)
  • One (1) interchangeable character name tag (Deluxe Version)
  • Movie-theme figure stand with character name and interchangeable graphic card

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th, 2019.