Hugh Jackman "Praises" Ryan Reynolds For Teaching a New Generation About Gin

Another day, another wonderful interaction between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds. The two men have been engaged in a faux feud ever since Reynolds starting pushing for Jackman to show up as Wolverine in the Deadpool films. Jackman refused, and they've been trolling each other in various ways ever since. Reynolds recently took to Instagram to share some photos promoting his company, Aviation Gin. Jackman saw the post and quickly shared one of the photos to his own account with a hilarious caption. Here’s the original post from Reynolds:

“LOVE this @AviationGin shoot with the legendary @guyaroch. Hair by @serafinosays and styling by @joseph.episcopo. Bags under my eyes by two thankless assholes who refused to go to bed the night before, despite the fact I read them Winnie the Pooh and nearly half of Stephen King’s The Shining,” Reynolds wrote.

Here’s Jackman’s post:

“I’m so proud of the hard work you are doing ... teaching a new generation the beauty of gin drinking. It’s a task only a man with your specific set of skills and dedication could take on. I’m positively kvelling! @aviationgin .... there’s no other option. *Please drink responsibly,” Jackman wrote.

“It took me way too long to see what you did here,” Reynolds replied. “This is the remake of Face Off we deserve.”


This isn’t the first time this month that Reynolds and Jackman shared each other’s posts. Jackman recently received the Order of Australia, and Reynolds re-posted Jackman’s photo with (mostly) kind words about the actor.

All of Jackman's X-Men films and Reynolds' Deadpool movies are currently available for home viewing.