Iman Vellani Reveals Which Marvel Hero She Wants to See Get a Movie or Show

Ms. Marvel's Iman Vellani has one hero that she would like to see get a movie or TV series on Disney+. A Reddit AMA revealed that she's pulling for a Silver Surfer project. Tons of cosmic Marvel Comics fans are nodding their heads in agreement right now. Phase 4 has begun to tip its hand at what could be in store for the rest of this phase and beyond. But, a lot of people want established characters from the comics faster. Things like the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Galactus get brought up so much on social media. There is obviously a plan for most of these things, but that doesn't stop the impatience. Vellani just wants to see that Silver Surfer series if she had her pick. A lot of fans absolutely agree with that mood. It will be curious to see how Marvel Studios handles both he and the Fantastic Four in the MCU. Check out what she had to say about it in her post.

Ant-Man writer Adam McKay absolutely wants to handle a Silver Surfer movie if the chance comes his way. People obviously want this project in some way, shape, or form. On the Happy Sad Confused podcast, he made his case for a movie.

"Silver Surfer was tricky. There was something about it, cause we did look into it. I think it's connected to the Fantastic Four reboot and because of that kind of lives under its own umbrella," began McKay. "But there was something that got in the way of it cause we did look into it a couple of years ago, but I could be wrong. I could be misremembering, but there was some reason it didn't happen or someone else was already working on it. But no, I was definitely into it because that would be a very easy one."

At this point in the MCU, it's hard to imagine that Silver Surfer will appear before the Fantastic Four. But, this week's Ms. Marvel proved that anything can happen in any show. Marvel's First Family seems like they are fast approaching though and that means that gleaming herald can't be too far behind. McKay is one of the fans that believes that the Surfer could headline his own project.

"If you look at Galactus and the origin story of the Silver Surfer, how he sacrificed himself for his home planet. Norrin Radd, was that his name? I haven't thought that name in a long time. That would be a very easy one to make it an environmental allegory. I think that could be an incredible movie, and I think it could be visually the most stunning Marvel movie that's ever been made," he added. "I haven't lost interest in that. In fact, now that you mention it maybe I'll lob a phone call and see what's going on."

Do you want the Surfer in the MCU first or the Fantastic Four? Let us know down in the comments!