This Smoking Ghost Rider Cosplay Is Insane

Now that cosplaying has become a mainstream hobby, the costumes and outfits get more elaborate with each passing yet. In the case of one Ghost Rider fan, the world now has a smoking Ghost Rider head and it's even more delightful than it sounds. Shared to Reddit by u/to_the_tenth_power, the mask uses a combination of LED lights and a smoke contraption to create the illusion of fire — and if we're being honest, it's pretty dang comic-accurate.

via Gfycat

The mask comes on the heels of Marvel Television announcing the character would be spinning out of Agents of SHIELD to get his own show on Hulu. Beings that it's a streaming show, many are expecting it to deal with the much more adult themes typically associated with the character.

“I couldn’t be more excited and honored to be handed the reins to a Marvel character as beloved as GHOST RIDER," series showrunner Ingrid Escajeda previously said in a statement when announcing the show. "This story hits every note for me—my love for grounded yet conflicted characters and my desire to scare the $&!# out of people! It’s important to me to find a take that thrills existing fans as well as wider audiences and I believe we’ve done just that."

Before he appears in the Hulu show as the titular character, Gabriel Luna will be appearing in Tim Miller's Terminator: Dark Fate.

"It's really hard to describe, because for me when I first got the part there was no script," Luna said of first joining the franchise. "So I spent a lot of time - more time than I should divulge - just standing in front of a mirror, just trying to develop the physical vocabulary of what he is, what's important. The head pitched forward in pursuit; the fluidity and the points of focus and all these things. And that's all I could work on, you know? So am sitting there, like, 'What is a Terminator to me?' and I'm breaking it down and building it up from the ground."


What do you hope Ghost Rider touches on? Do you think he'll ever crossover with the other Hulu shows? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Marvel's Ghost Rider is expected to hit Hulu sometime next year.