The Internet Is Debating Whether Captain America Or Optimus Prime Gives The Best Speeches

It's not uncommon for a random question on social media to strike a chord with fans and become a popular topic, especially when you involve two massive franchises like Marvel and Transformers. It's easy to understand why things blew up then when @AMPARADOXXX asked "Superhero Twitter . Who gives the best inspirational speeches??", and the choices were Transformers and Autobot general Optimus Prime and Marvel's Avengers leader Captain America. It's a tough choice, and superhero fans had plenty of opinions and reactions to the surprising question.

Both are known for being able to inspire their teams and for leading their forces against monumental odds. Megatron and the Decepticons for Optimus and Thanos, Hydra, Ultron, and more for Cap.

That said, not everyone agrees that Optimus gives speeches as opposed to just really sound advice.

Count @MuzikMinded in that group, who said "If you think about it Prime doesn't actually give speeches. He just throws in life advice in a sentence. Cap gives actual speeches so this isn't close. But Primes voice sells anything he says much more lol'"

He's not wrong about Optimus, but @MarkDStrauss makes a point that Cap also doesn't really need to say anything to be effective.

"Captain America doesn’t even need to give a speech. All he has to do is yell, “Avengers, assemble!” and I’d follow him anywhere."

For @zodiak_frank, it's not even a comparison, just due to who Cap was inspiring.

"Captain America once inspired a tree, a racoon, a god and a billionaire to fight on the same team in battle. It's not a debate"

Another fan actually points out not that Cap's speeches are better, but instead that Megatron might have the magic touch, as one video perfectly displays.

"Optimus gives a speech then run out there & get his ass whooped. Been catching fades since '86. There's LITERALLY a Youtube video called "The Many Deaths of Optimus Prime". What we need to be asking is what Megatron be talkin bout before the fight. He stay whoopin Prime's ass "

That said, Optimus had plenty of defenders.

"Captain America does give motivational pep talks as a leader
But OPTIMUS PRIME be on the same level as James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman, Patrick Stewart, and Keith David
Even without a plot unfoldded, everytime he speaks you're already intrigued"

"Optimus Prime did not say "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings" just to be disrespected."


"My name is Optimus Prime, and I send this message. Though we did not choose to be of Earth, it would seem that we are here to stay. If you approach this planet with hostile intent, know this: We will defend ourselves. We will defend humanity. We will defend… our home.”

So, the question is, who do you side with? Let us know in the comments!