'Iron Fist' Star Finn Jones Says Season 2 Is "Unlike Anything Seen Before"

Marvel's Iron Fist was the most controversial of the Netflix Defenders lead-ins, to say the least. [...]

Marvel's Iron Fist was the most controversial of the Netflix Defenders lead-ins, to say the least. After a very rushed production schedule, Iron Fist season 1 fell flat for a lot of fans, with lackluster action sequences, and an imbalanced storyline that (literally) ran circles around itself without going very far. Now that Iron Fist season 2 has officially wrapped production, series star Finn Jones is making certain promises about what it will deliver:

Despite heavy criticism, Iron Fist was one of the most viewed and searched for Marvel Cinematic Universe series, so there's definitely huge potential for season 2 to knock it out of the park, and deliver an action-packed and much tighter storyline. That's all to say: Iron Fist could easily find itself at the top of the list, when it comes to ranking the sophomore seasons of the Defenders solo series. Daredevil hit that sophomore slump hard, but Jessica Jones earned solid acclaim for its second season, and anticipation for Luke Cage season 2 is high right now. Getting to the top of the mountain (K'un-Lun pun) won't be easy, but with some crucial tweaks, Iron Fist can do it.

Danny Rand's story as the Iron Fist was a heavy factor in The Defenders crossover, as we learned the Iron Fist could be a weapon of The Hand, just as easily as it could be used to eradicate the group. Danny has slowly been learning that not everything is as black and white as K'un-Lun's teachings made it seem, and was last seen following his own path (or rather, in the footsteps of Matt Murdock), becoming a vigilante hero of Hell's Kitchen. We'll next see Danny pop up in Luke Cage season 2, where both his company (Rand Industries) and Iron Fist will be used to help defend Harlem from a dark new threat. No telling where that experience with Cage will leave Danny - he could be a full-fledged Hero for Hire by the time Iron Fist season 2 comes around!

Hopefully Luke sticks close: Danny will probably need backup, when the combined threat of his old buddy Davos and childhood friends The Meachums come calling. New cast addition Alice Eve could also be bringing Hand Assassin Lady Gorgon to the MCU.

Iron Fist Season Two will premiere sometime in 2019. Luke Cage Season Two will arrive on June 22nd.