Marvel TV Boss Jeph Loeb Reveals if Rosario Dawson Appears on 'Iron Fist' Season 2

Ever since the Marvel Cinematic Universe debuted on Netflix in the first season of Daredevil, Rosario Dawson's role as Claire Temple has worked as the connective tissue for the formation of Defenders.

But the character who was referred to as "Netflix's Nick Fury" has since taken on a smaller role in the Marvel Television series, sitting out of The Punisher and the second season of Jessica Jones. And don't expect her to show up again in the new season of Iron Fist when it hits the streaming service.

While speaking with CBR about Iron Fist Season Two, Marvel Television's Jeph Loeb revealed that Claire Temple would not appear in the new episodes.

"Claire won’t be in there, but our relationship with Rosario [Dawson] is awesome and we love her, she loves us and — when the story lends itself into that place and hopefully she’s available — we go down that road," said Loeb. "Believe me, there isn’t any showrunner who hasn’t come in and said, 'So where are we with Rosario?' And we go, ‘Well, let’s tell the story and figure it all out.'"

That doesn't mean the crossover appeal of the MCU is out of the picture in Iron Fist Season Two, as the Daughters of the Dragon take giant steps becoming a legitimate threat to the criminals of New York City. Expect to see Misty Knight, played by Simone Missick, play a major role as she continues to team with Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing.

"You know, what’s been fun about it is I think Simone [Missick] is now giving [Dawson] a run for the money in terms of the shows! She’s been on and been running around," Loeb said, referring to Misty's appearances on Luke Cage, Defenders, and now Iron Fist.

But Loeb iterated that he doesn't want characters crossing over from other shows if it doesn't make sense int he context of the narrative.


"Look, again, it always comes down to story… You know, some people would be really satisfied if Danny Rand got on a bus and Foggy Nelson was getting off the bus and that’s cool. It isn’t, and to a certain extent, it’s sort of like, 'Really? That’s what you did?'" said Loeb. "We always look at it from the point of view of 'What’s the best story?' We don’t run an Easter egg farm. We do put little things in there for people who know, but we certainly don’t want it to be something that people focus on. We don’t want it to be distracting from the story."

Fans will get to see the next installment of Netflix's corner in the MCU when Iron Fist Season Two premieres on September 7th.