New Mutants Fan Theory Imagines a Perfect Introduction for the X-Men to the MCU

Now that Marvel Studios has the rights to the entire library of X-Men characters, it's but a matter of time before mutants join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The New Mutants — the last X-Men-based property made by the studio formerly known as 20th Century Fox — is due out in a matter of months and as fate would have it, there's growing speculation it could formally serve as the introduction of mutants to the MCU.

Fan theorist u/VipMoxley has an idea of how it might go down in an r/FanTheories post that's gaining some big traction on Reddit. As the fan theory suggests, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) could pop up in the movie's post-credits scene, exactly how he did in the closing moments of Iron Man.

At one point, the official D23 newsletter said The New Mutants was part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, something the House of Mouse eventually backtracked and corrected. Days before the movie's second trailer was released, it was reported the movie would end being the cut director Josh Boone wanted, a welcome change to most fans after 20th Century had previously scheduled extensive reshoots for the flick.

Judging by the trailers, it's set to be one of Marvel's first real horror movies, something New Mutants star Charlie Heaton is something fans have never seen before from the genre.

“It’s basically about these mutants in a facility for damaged mutants. It’s a story about these characters coming to grips with who they are and it’s a horror X-Men movie, which we haven’t seen before,” Heaton told EW. “I feel like, for an X-Men movie, yeah, I think they’re going full-fledged horror. Without saying too much — I really don’t want to give away too much what it’s about, it’s very under wraps — but it is, in terms of anything we’ve seen in the X-Men world, it’s definitely a horror film. It’s scarier than anything we’ve seen in that genre.”


The New Mutants hits theaters April 3rd.

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