James Gunn Comments On Deadpool Director's Departure

Unfortunate news his this morning that Deadpool 2 has lost director Tim Miller, who was part of the successful team that launched a new franchise for FOX and the X-Men line of films. The news took most by surprise, including fellow director James Gunn.

Gunn is currently working on his upcoming sequel, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, a franchise that delivered a refreshing sense of humor to the Marvel Universe like Deadpool did to FOX's X-Men universe, which most will agree was sorely needed. Gunn posted his reaction to the announcement on Twitter.

"Honestly bummed about Tim Miller leaving Deadpool. He did an amazing job with the first one; I'd like to have seen where he'd go next."

Many were excited to see what star Ryan Reynolds and Miller could do with an increased budget and bigger platform for the sequel, especially after they teased at the end of the original that Cable would be making an appearance this time around. Reports state the Miller and Reynolds parted ways due to creative differences, and that things are amicable between the two, but it's unfortunate that they couldn't find some common ground.

Gunn knows the stability that keeping the gang together can bring to a film, as Guardians features many of the same people involved as the original, and there is something to trying to retain that same magic. Fans are hopeful that even with a new director at the helm, Deadpool 2 can find a way to keep what made the original special.


No plot details have been released for the upcoming sequel as of yet, but there continue to be rumors that Domino is being cast along with several actors up for the role of Cable.

Next up for FOX is Logan, which lands in theaters on March 3, 2017, followed by an unknown project dated for July 14, 2017. Another untitled project hits on October 6, 2017, which leads us to what many suspect to be Deadpool 2's slot on March 2, 2018. Finally, the June 29, 2018 date is likely to be the landing place for New Mutants or the rumored X-Force project. It could also be an open slot for another in the core X-Men franchise.