'The Avengers' Writer Will Be On Series "For The Foreseeable Future"

Avengers writer Jason Aaron is now over a year into his run on one of Marvel's biggest titles and it appears there's no stopping the Southern Bastards scribe. ComicBook.com recently sat down with Aaron to talk the books he's currently and while he revealed his time on Thor is limited, he mentions he will still be on Avengers for the "foreseeable future."

"I'll be on Avengers for the foreseeable future," Aaron says of his run. "No exact set number of issues yet. I'm already working on the next couple of arcs beyond War of the Realms. I'm laying a lot of tracks there, too."

Aaron's Avengers run has been ambitious, to say the least. From forming superhero groups in Atlantis and Russia to bringing back the Squadron Supreme, Avengers always has a surprise coming and according to Aaron, there are even bigger issues to be had on the horizon.

"The stuff we're doing with Namor, and the Russian Winter Guard, the Squadron Supreme is big," the writer reflects. "There's a big Squadron Supreme giant issue in Avengers, or War of the Realms, so that's all stuff we're gonna keep playing with going forward, too."

When asked about the Squadron Supreme, Aaron couldn't say all too much, other than teasing an upcoming issue that's focused entirely on the returning superhero team. While we know they're back under the guise of the Squadron Supreme of America, little else is known about the heroes on the team, or if they're the same characters that have been on Earth-616 since the events of Secret Wars.

"That's a good question that'll be answered in Avengers...I think it's 18? Whatever our first War of the Realms giant issue is all Squadron Supreme," Aaron says. "As the War of the Realms erupts everywhere and frost giants attack Washington D.C. -- Squadron Supreme are D.C.'s greatest heroes. They were avengers of our nation's capital, so it's very much an issue about D.C. heroes."

Avengers #18 is due out in comic shops April 24th.

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