Jessica Jones Twitter Trolls Luke Cage Over Valentine's Day Plans

Nothing stings quite like seeing your ex with their new boo on Valentine's Day, but a little sarcasm can certainly make you feel a little better. No one understands that better than Jessica Jones.

The official Jessica Jones Twitter account has been known to troll Marvel's other three Defenders on social media, Luke Cage in particular. If you recall, the duo had a relationship during the first season of Jessica Jones, but Luke has since moved and has found happiness with Claire Temple.

When Luke's account mentioned Claire this morning in honor of Valentine's Day, Jessica quickly found a way to throw it back at him.

The original tweet contained an emoji list of Valentine's Day "essentials" with check marks beside them, ending with the message "On my way, Claire."

Jones responded to this message by adding to the checklist. The reply simply said "Being totally whipped" with another check mark beside it, teasing Luke for being a loyal boyfriend.

The strongest man in Harlem tried to defend himself, asking Jessica, "Why you gotta call me out like that?" To no one's surprise, Detective Jones wasn't done yet. She didn't say anything overly rude, but her answer was more than enough to keep a leg up on Luke.

"You make it so easy."


The troll game has always been strong with Jessica Jones, but her quips at Luke over his relationship with Claire are all in good fun. At the end of The Defenders, the two characters reconciled, making it clear that there no animosity between them.

While the duo may not be together on screen any time soon, we will at least be seeing each of their solo shows returning in 2018. Jessica Jones Season 2 will debut on Netflix on March 8. The second installment of Luke Cage is currently in production and is expected to air on the streaming service later this year.