'Jessica Jones' Season 2 Trailer Features A Classic Spider-Man Easter Egg

Netflix just dropped the new trailer for Jessica Jones season 2, and they managed to slip in a pretty iconic line from Marvel Comics lore.

The trailer features everything you loved about Jessica Jones from season 1, including plenty of Jones' trademark bluntness and snarky sense of humor. Before it concluded though it shows Jones talking to someone as they ride in a truck. She tells the unknown person "if you say with great power comes great responsibility, I swear I'll throw up on you."

Fans will recognize that line as the trademark phrase of Spider-Man, which is closely associated with Peter Parker's origin. Peter adopted the wise saying after his selfish actions resulted in his Uncle Ben being killed by a mugger that he could've stopped, and ever since he's held that phrase close to his heart.

Now, it isn't really known how Jessica learned of the phrase. The Marvel television universe has alleged events from the films, like the invasion of New York City (Luke Cage), but Spider-Man is a relatively new addition. Also, that "power and responsibility" line isn't exactly like the Bat-Signal, where everyone is exposed to it, so it's a bit mysterious how she found out about it.

Of course, it is probably just a fun nod to longtime Marvel fans and has nothing to do with continuity, unless Marvel just suddenly changes course and has their universe interact in a greater capacity. For now though, just enjoy it for what it is.


Fans have been waiting for some time to see Jessica Jones return for a second season, and it's nice to know that is going to happen sooner than later. Other Netflix shows currently in development are Daredevil season 3, Luke Cage season 2, and Iron Fist season 2.

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Jessica JonesSunday at on Netflix

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Jessica JonesSunday at on Netflix

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