'Jessica Jones' Season 2 Trailer Teases Hellcat

The new trailer for Jessica Jones season 2 teases Jessica's investigation into the greatest mystery of her life: her own origin story. While the trailer doesn't specifically spell out what it will be, it's clear that Jessica's investigation will stir up a serious threat from some unseen antagonist - giving our surly investigator more than she can handle... at least on her own.

If you're paying close attention during the trailer, you will notice a particular motif forming: Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor) seems to be headed for her larger Marvel Comics destiny!

The particular standout line of voiceover from Trish has to be "Jessica might not want a sidekick, but she needs one." There's also a fair amount of footage that shows Trish getting in on the action, holding someone at gunpoint, battling a crook with her martial arts training; or standing behind Jessica in a classic hero / sidekick pose. All of it seems to be teasing one of Jessica Jones season 2's biggest twist: the rise of Hellcat!

Hellcat is Rachel "Trish" Walker's superhero alter-ego from Marvel Comics, a fierce street-level vigilante in a colorful yellow and blue costume. In the comics she had psychic powers as well as athletic prowess; in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jessica Jones season 1 already laid the groundwork for Trish's transformation. She trained in self-defense extensively - especially after Kilgrave's attempt on her life. She also got a power boost from taking one of Will Simpson's experimental combat enhancers. While it seemed like she was cured of the drugs' effects, there is no telling what residual effects it could have had. Maybe Trish is more than an average human now?


We'll soon see, when Jessica Jones airs on Netflix starting March 8th.