Jessica Jones Season 2 Will Be Directed Entirely By Women

The superhero universe is quickly learning just how popular and powerful female leading characters can be, but many are still waiting for Hollywood to catch up to their new found realization behind the scenes. That shouldn't be a problem though for Jessica Jones.

The first season of Jessica Jones was double the average when it came to female directors, as one-third of the directors involved were women. The fact that one-third is double the average is concerning in itself, and less than 18% of television episodes contain a female director. If you ran through a list of your favorite nightly television shows, you'd quickly have a list made up of white males with a few lone spots of color or gender variation.

The executive producer of Jessica Jones Melissa Rosenberg has announced that season 2 of the hit show will not stick with that current trend, and will be directed entirely by women, an announcement she made at the Transform Hollywood panel (via @moryan).

"All 13 episodes of @JessicaJones S2 will be directed by women, EP Melissa Rosenberg says at her @transformhwood panel. @tallgirlmel #TH7"

That's a huge step in the right direction and should only serve to benefit the show that much more. It's also refreshing to see the trend of female directors continue in the superhero space, with Patty Jenkin's Wonder Woman receiving early praise and Marvel Studios attempting to find a female director for its upcoming Captain Marvel solo film.

As for Jessica Jones, Rosenberg recently offered some details on where the character finds herself after the events of season 1.

"She was kind of messed up even before Kilgrave came along and so in Season Two we can explore what's possible for her moving forward. I learned from working on Dexter that you can advance the character, but you never want to cure the character...that trauma is a huge part of who she is now."


Jessica Jones season 2 currently has no release date but you can always rewatch season 1 on Netflix. Luke Cage just released last month, and next up is Iron Fist, which is set for March 17, 2017. Marvel's Defenders is scheduled for some time in 2017, followed most likely by The Punisher series, which has no release date as of this time.