Handyman Stole Over $200,000 Worth of Comics & Art From Marvel's Joe Quesada

A handyman stealing nearly a quarter million dollars' worth of comics and art sounds like something right out of a comic book caper, but, for Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, it's a story that's all too real.

According to Northjersey.com, Francisco Bove, who Quesada hired earlier this year to repair water damage in one of his properties, instead moved into the unoccupied residence and stole valuable comic books and art when he was discovered. Authorities say Bove used towels to black out the property's security cameras before moving himself and his girlfriend in.

Bove was discovered residing in the home when Quesada's wife remotely checked the properties security cameras and discovered they had been blacked out. She then sent a friend to check on the house. Bove was then fired by Quesada who also demanded that he leave the property.

Soon after, however, a friend contacted the former Marvel editor in chief to ask why he was selling a portrait of his wife that had been kept at the residence prompting the discovery of the theft, which included original comic book art and comic books valued at more than $239,000. Sparta Police Lt. John Lamon stated that one of the stolen comics is believed to be an issue of "Daredevil."

According to investigators, Bove sold several pieces of art to various dealers and auction house in New York before taking a trip to Italy this summer. Quesada was able to locate an art dealer who paid Bove $5,000 for several pieces. Bove is said to have claimed that Quesada gave him the pieces because they had sustained water damage.


Bove arrested Monday night and charged with third degree burglary and second-degree theft.