John Krasinski Reveals How Chris Hemsworth Made Him Realize Captain America Role Wasn't For Him

Now that Chris Evans has inhabited the role of Captain America through five films, it would be hard to imagine anyone else in the part, but as with any new film franchise, Marvel Studios tried out a number of actors for the iconic role.

That included Office and Thirteen Hours star, John Krasinski. He recalled the events of his tryout to Conan O'Brien, which went pretty well until another Avenger happened to walk by while he was trying on the costume.

"It was a big deal for me, because first of all, I love those Marvel movies. I love superheroes. I love imagination, so when they asked me to test they actually allowed me to put on the suit. I was on a set, it was all very interesting. I feel like as I'm talking about this someone from Marvel is going to be like "shook" and just like dart me like I'm not allowed to talk about it at all. But I remember the only bummer that was, I was putting on the suit just watching it and like this is so amazing and I got about right to my waist, I was still shirtless and feeling pretty good about myself, wasn't Thirteen Hours yet but felt pretty good, and all of a sudden Chris Hemsworth walked by as Thor and went "hey mate", and I went "I'm good, this is stupid, I shouldn't, It's okay, I'm not going to be Captain America, it's fine."

Way to go, Hemsworth, way to go.

Evans went on to secure the role and has become a fan favorite in the Marvel films. Krasinski has loaded his resume as well, and will next be appearing in the Jack Ryan television series for Amazon.