Jon Bernthal Starts Work On Netflix's The Punisher

The Punisher is back, and he looks better than ever - a rather unsurprising fact when you have Jon Bernthal playing the character. The actor was recently spotted in Brooklyn as he began work on a solo Netflix series for The Punisher. JustJared was at the scene and able to scoop up for photos of the actor, allowing fans to see that Bernthal is ready to tackle the role of Frank Castle once more.

You can check out the site's photos of Bernthal which show the actor dressed in jeans, a bulky black jacket, and combat boots. He's also holding onto a large knapsack which he keeps slung over his shoulder. Bernthal is also sporting a full beard, signaling that the character might be going through some tough times. After all, Frank Castle kept a cleanly shaved face during his tenure on Daredevil, so fans are wondering why the character's style has changed.

For some fans, it shouldn't be a surprise to hear that the actor is already working on The Punisher. New York Comic Con hinted filming was underway last month when they announced Bernthal had to restrict his convention appearances due to his "Netflix production schedule." The news sent fans into a frenzy as they began speculating whether The Punisher was suiting up for an Iron Fist appearance or heading into solo production. But, now, all signs point to Bernthal working on The Punisher standalone show.

This news will definitely soothe fans who were upset to learn about the actor's shortened convention schedule. After all, audiences have been eager to see Bernthal reprise his role of Frank Castle after he debuted in the second season of Daredevil.

As for when The Punisher will be released, fans aren't sure. The series was rumored to have been pushed to 2017 after a Netflix gaff, but executives assured fans at San Diego Comic Con that the series would land in 2018. So far, Marvel Television has been busy casting talent for the series like Ben Barnes who will likely play Bobby Saint. The show is also reportedly looking to cast an actor as Microchip, a well-known ally of the Punisher from the comics.

Bernthal could also be using this production time to shoot a few cameos for another hit Marvel series, Agents of SHIELD. Many fans have questioned whether the Punisher might appear on the show now that it includes another gritty Marvel character, Ghost Rider. Those rumors were only fanned when Gerry Conway was spotted at the recent Agents of SHIELD premiere. As the creator of the Punisher, fans believed Conway came to the event to tease fans about Frank Castle's inclusion - and Marvel Television's Jeph Loeb only encouraged those beliefs. The man told guests they will "understand" why he brought people like Conway to the premiere "later in the season."

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.


[H/T] JustJared