Junkie XL Leaves Deadpool 2

Bad news for Deadpool fans: another great contributor to the series has announced his exit from the much-anticipated sequel. Junkie XL, who scored the first film, has said that he will not be returning for Deadpool 2.

On his Twitter account, Junkie XL posted a heartfelt letter to fans, explaining the reasons behind his departure. Take a look:

Just as many suspected, the dismissal of Tim Miller as director has had much further reaching effects than the creative team might have hoped.

It was announced that Miller would be leaving the project due to Ryan Reynold's possession of creative control. Reynolds wanted to make another low-budget blockbuster with crude humor, almost exactly like the first. Miller, on the other hand, wanted a sleeker, more expensive style for the sequel. The director had planned on making the film look more like the other super hero movies out there, while still keeping the gritty and dark humor of the first.

It was rumored that the two had also disagreed over who should play the new character Cable, who is vital to Deadpool's story in the comics. Miller had his heart set on casting the Bloodline actor Kyle Chandler in the role, but Reynolds wasn't happy with the choice.


Junkie XL has made a name for himself as a composer over the last couple of years by giving us some of the biggest soundtracks around. In addition to composing the score for Deadpool, the artist also scored big with his work on Mad Max: Fury Road, and his collaboration with Hans Zimmer to create the soundtrack for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Fans will be sad to see Junkie XL depart the film, and we're hoping this is the last of the big names to leave the project.