Magneto Reigns Supreme In Kaiyodo's Latest Revoltech Figure Closeup

Kaiyodo's Revoltech figures are known for their incredible detail and insane amounts of articulation, and their latest Marvel figure is no exception.

Kaiyodo released official photos and details of the upcoming Figure Complex Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech — Marvel Comics Magneto Figure and they are amazing. The figure itself has 17 points of articulation, but the cape is just as dramatic, allowing you to position the Master of Magnetism in seemingly dozens of poses.

The figure also comes with a variety of accessories that truly allow the figure to live up to the Magneto name. Included are functional magnetic effects pieces that are actually magnetic as well as interchangeable hands, a removable helmet, interchangeable portraits with movable eyeball mechanisms, and a figure stand, Toyark reports.


The figure, which stands 6.5" tall, is due out in November and is priced at 5,900 Yen (roughly $54 USD.) It's available to order now, but there's a catch: Kaiyodo doesn't have a license to distribute the figure in the United States, so you will have to purchase through an import store.

kaiyodo magneto
(Photo: Kaiyodo)